bear bag


Jaded by heavy totes with overly capacious storage and clutches that are too small to even fit a lipgloss, i decided to use this red checkered ala table cloth bear (bag) that i bought from Langkawi’s airport. Simple and square, this cute bag is so versatile even your boyfriend would help you carry it! Just flip the bear into the bag and chuck everything you need inside.


{introducing: bear bag}


{bare back bear back}


{strip unzip}


{take inside out}


{most fun part: unfolding bag}


{i pocket small hard to find stuff in the bear’s body}


{bag is ready to use!}


{sling over shoulder and out to find the Mr. ☼}

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  1. cuteeeee O__O

  2. i want one too!! =0

    1. i’ve seen them around, but different kind. like umbrella material or something..

  3. haha, was actually thinking on bear back when I read the top part of your post. Nice and love the little guy, if only it is a little bigger.

    1. i have a bigger one, lol! ;P

      1. Lol… Should put em side by side

  4. OMG, that is super duper cute! 😀

    1. get one! i think Nose has them too. just that the material is abit…. O.o

  5. that’s quite cute, i must admit. haha

    1. cute leh~~ my boyfriend thinks so too. lol!

  6. i like the sweater, the colour suits u

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