That Female Blogger

Every now and then, i hear people bitching sensationally about:

“That blogger who . . .”

  • has too many plastic surgeries.
  • lives in a pink house.
  • has purple hair. Wait, was is violet?
  • marries a rich man.
  • dates only white men.
  • is fat but thinks she is so pretty.

The worst comment i ever heard, is about some haters who wish for a pregnant blogger to loose her baby!

Seriously. You know what i think?

“That blogger who . . .”

  • has too many plastic surgeries, has helluva CONFIDENCE.
  • lives in a pink house, stays TRUE to herself.
  • has indigo hair, has BEAUTIFUL hair.
  • marries a rich man, is HAPPY.
  • dates only white men, KNOWS what she wants.
  • is fat and thinks she is pretty, has admirable COURAGE.

“Dear haters, i bet you didn’t know that YOU . . .”

  • have ZERO confidence, that’s why you hate the world you LOVE to read, a.k.a. blogs.
  • can’t even stay true to yourself, so you need to create a FAKE account to comment.
  • are a person brimming with JEALOUSY.
  • hate a happy blogger, because you have no idea how to make use of your LIFE.
  • know nothing outside the PATHETIC world you live in.
  • have NO courage, so you hide behind a NO picture profile on Twitter, calling people ugly.

If you think that bloggers don’t have a life and that’s why we have so much time to blog, PLEASE think again.

A blogger (and in this case i mean a DEDICATED one) is just like every other person like “you and me”. Some of us have a day job, some of us are mothers (kudos to them!), some of us are busy building dreams into reality . . .

We have time to blog ONLY because we find (or steal) TIME out from our lives to do so. Every 1 – 2 days, we:

  • Think of content
  • Take pictures (and sometimes get judged for it)
  • Transfer and edit them at midnight
  • Upload – wait forever if the connection is shitty
  • Get each one of their codes
  • Craft the post
  • Edit / Reread / Edit again

If that is NOT work, then tell me what is it. PURE leisure? Ho… MY idea of leisure is not having to carry the DSLR when traveling! Blogging as a hobby is clearly an understatement.

Men always ask me – If they are not paying you, why are you writing? i wonder – Have you creatures stopped THINKING before you ask???

And if you are the kinda person who likes to judge a person by what he / she blogs about, let me tell you that Paul writes about cars, but that doesn’t mean he sleeps, eats, shits, or dates in cars. He runs a blog about cars because that’s what he’s most PASSIONATE about. That’s what he’s GOOD at. That’s why he wants to SHARE it. Because there are people who LIKES that kinda stuff. Same goes to a female blogger who blogs about fashion / beauty / etc. Do you have a problem with that? You have a problem with people with passion? Seriously, what’s YOUR problem?!

Alas! Again i need to IDIOT PROOF this nothingness of a rant. Or some @ihatemylife would want me dead.

i am NOT complaining about blogging. Honestly and humbly, i hope i could convince at least 1 out of 10 of you who used to think of bloggers as people who live ‘free lives’, to kindly reconsider before you judge one (especially if she is someone whom you are afraid to admit you love to read).

Secantiknya ciptaan Tuhan, ada juga kekurangannya. Apakah kamu insan yang begitu sempurna, hingga bisa mengutuk ciptaannya yang lain?

Are you SO bloody perfect that you are qualified to judge someone else? Look at you.


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  1. very seldom do i re-read and edit tho. ehhehe.

  2. well said, kind words are uncommon these days.
    sadly haters live to hate and will always want others to be beneath them but if they ever find it in themselves to wish others well, the social media / online world would be a better place 🙂

  3. A good post indeed!

    Yea! They just don’t have their own life!

  4. Never mind them. Just a bunch of loser who don’t have a life!

  5. Today is the first time I log into your blog and I like what you have written. I support you for you have given your time, your thoughts and your effort in sharing.

    Do keep it up!

    1. hi Lixia, thanks for your support! i am glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

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