Hello December


While Taylor Swift keeps going back to December, others may be busy finishing off what they started this year, i am trying out 5 new things for the very first time. Here’s a list i’d love to share, with hope that they can also keep you inspired this exciting holiday season. 😳

  1. Cooking: Roast a big bird when hosting X’mas dinner for family and friends.
  2. Health: Break the secrets of bloat once and for all by reading Gutbliss.
  3. Relationship: Kiss in the snow rain – a romantic way to appreciate fussy season weather.
  4. Personal: Become a bridesmaid for the very first time!
  5. Self-improvement: Carry out ‘The Smile Project’ for a month – Smile . . . even to security guards. Make someone’s day! A simple smile from you might be the most beautiful thing one has seen his / her entire day. 😉


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