5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 delightful Cinspirations that added some sunlight to an otherwise blasé week.

1. This colorful cupboard candy


{for cheering me up every time I open my wardrobe, especially when I spend quite an amount of time staring into it thinking what-to-wear on a daily basis}

2. This seafood paella negra from Mercat


{for being the best thing I’ve tasted this week (and still lingering in my mind . . .)}

3. This great news


{because I’m about to be a groomsman for the very first time!!! Read this diary entry to find out why}

4. This honeycomb froyo


{because although it didn’t hit my expectations, I’ve been wanting dreaming to try it for so long that the achievement of finally satiating a craving was equally good}

5. This golden ribbon necklace from Japan for Little Ta


{for making this pretty cat look more girly than she already is, with the pink ribbon matching her pink ears so nicely}


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