5 Things

Here are 5 {interesting} things that made my week.

1. This Cambodian elephant that says ‘whatever~


{because i only managed to wear my red one from Thailand once, and it flew off the balcony with my heart before i could ‘5 Things’ it. nobody knew about my despair, but surprisingly Sarah got me this new one (with better prints!). two things learned: 1. 是你的,就是你的 2. 旧的不去,新的不来}

2. This bracelet + anklet set from mum and dad


{because i have a tradition of buying anklets from each S.E.A country i visit, but when mum and dad saw the torn one i was desperately wearing from Thailand, they got me this beautiful set that gives a cheery jingle as replacement 😀 }

3. Another accessory couple, also from my darling parents


{all the way from Shangri La, these jewel bracelets promise to add the right amount of drama to your wrists just when you need them to}

4. This picture currently hanging on my wall


{simply because sometimes, a ‘change is good’}

5. These ordinary extraordinary rocks


{because its even and large surface made my way up the cliff unbelievably easy and effortless, making it the one of the most breathless experience ever}


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