Accented Neutrals


Winter welcomed my first day in Germany so i decided to pair an outfit that is comfortable for an incredibly long flight on the plane, yet stylish enough to secretly celebrate my dream come true for stepping into the Europe continent (for the very first time), while still keeping it easy for layering. Upon carrying huge suitcases and bags of all sizes, the last thing you want is to leave a ‘souvenir’ behind while you are too busy fiddling with the small things i.e. socks, hence spoiling your trip from the very beginning.

Here i put together an outfit that you could easily copy – Keeping it classic with a trench coat. This genius piece is designed with a built-in sweater and wind breaker material so it was all i need, really. Otherwise, don’t forget your sweater. The main tip for this simple yet stylish look is to go with neutrals, but with a plus on accent color. For the top, i rely on my favorite trusty denim shirt to give it a subtle pop of color instead of wearing a pair of jeans, as i am dead sure we can all agree that leggings work better when traveling. Most importantly, functional footwear can be comfortable and chic for your long holiday, so treat your feet well!

You can find my Packing for Winter 101 entry here.






Trenchcoat: MNG
Leggings: TOPSHOP
Denim Shirt: PULL & BEAR
Knee High Socks: H&M
Boots: PULL & BEAR


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