What I Bookmark On Social Media

What I Bookmark On Social Media

Cinteresting Stories That Are Worth Your Time.

I hate to admit this but as a matter of fact, I do spend quite a lot of time on social media. To avoid falling into this time-sucking addiction, I don’t leave the Facebook tab open on my browser, I turn off notifications, and start being picky with the pages or accounts I subscribe to.

Content has become a very competitive industry and in the midst of all those stories, what at least half of them do, is waste minutes of your life. On the bright side, not everything we read or watch equals rubbish. Concise, well-thought-out digital materials can lend cinspirations to different areas in one’s life. When I found this old post from 2013, I thought, “Why not make something useful out of my time spent discovering the good stuff, rather than recreating new old content?”

That said, here I’ve roundup a series of 6 cinteresting stories worth bookmarking; one for each category listed in my blog. I hope you gain ideas from them too!

Fashion Fascination

Image via Who What Wear

How to Dress Like A L.A. Girl (Typically) – Stereotyped but true enough to guide you exactly on how to dress like you live in Hollywood.


Cinderella 101

InkboxImage via Inkbox Tattoo

Fake ‘Real’ Tattoos Made Botanically – So cool I want all 300+ designs and a lifetime supply.


Bite Size Cinspirations

What You’ve Been Doing Wrong With Your Pasta All Along – The guy in this video might not be a top chef, but everything he says about cooking pasta is TRUE. I never serve a plate of crappy pasta anymore after watching this.


Indulge Cinfully

Koleid Classic Liam Book Lamp
Image via Shopify.

A Book Lamp for Book Lovers (at 70% OFF!) – Some of you may already know that I love books, so when I discovered this lamp, needless to say I was ECSTATIC. If you love reading too, make sure to check out this portable lamp.


Travel Cin City

Watermelon soft serve Tokyo
Image via Food and Wine.

Watermelon Ice Cream in A Watermelon? – The next time you visit Tokyo, make sure to drop by Dominique Ansel Bakery and have 10 of these!!!


Yours Cincerely

What I Bookmark On Social Media

The 36 Questions That Lead to Love – I made sure É and I answered these sets of questions on our first few dates together. Look how that worked out for us. 😉


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