5 Things

Here are 5 gleaming scenes that might just make your week somewhat magical (or so i hope). 🙂

1. This silver moon + speckles of ‘green’ stars


{because they came with something more that requires your imagination to see. . .}

2. This Hansel and Gretal’s marzipan house (looking the way i used to know it)


{because it eased in erasing the witch hunters identity its recent movie imparted}

3. The sprawling trees netting this big white house (and the shadows of a couple that admired it)


{i reckon it would provide the perfect setting for a kick-ass Halloween party!}

4. This deep blue sea


{because without this steady shot of the flying seagull, it would just be another deep blue sea}

5. This snow blizzard


{because it was the first time i witnessed such heart-stirring phenomenon with my very own eyes}


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