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They say you usually end up dating what you don’t favor in a dream guy or girl, therefore don’t speak too soon. i, for one am not a huge fan of history, but somehow i always end up hanging out or being with guys who love it.


Ironically, in my case i find that kind of difference beautiful and perfectly balanced. While others may say that the most ideal relationship is when the both of you share the same interests, i believe that doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes, you learn to see the beauty in things you never know exists from the people who love them enough to show it to you through their passion.

That is how i learned to love museums and develop a healthy interest in the antique word ‘history’. While old friends turn around to me and say “You? And museums? Since when do you love MUSEUMS?!”, i find myself speaking out loud the inaudible words in my head, “Don’t people change? Who says that we should always remain the same?”.

If you are neither a fan of history nor museums, don’t worry. i am not trying to convert you with this blog post. However, i intend to take you on an interesting trip through Deutsches Museum, though you might find that ‘interesting’ is for lack of a better word.

i have to confess that i sleepwalked through some parts as Leo gave me a Physic lecture on how locomotive works and yes, i yawned 50% of the time – lashes wet, mascara runny. Hence, be prepared for a picture heavy post to weigh you down till the end of it. There will be no facts and formulas here, that i promise!


{bridge entrance to make your way through the cold concrete building}


{the shadow tower clock (above) i never figured how to read – but of course, you could test your IQ / common sense and let me know your thoughts here}


{warming up with a wide smile upon entering the world of yesterdays and today}


{of ships, planes, and locomotive engines}


{of music, sophisticated technologies, and great astronomy studies}


The whole day we fed our brains with Language of the Museum as our brains patiently digested all that we consumed, abandoning the growling hunger in our stomachs. Late that afternoon, i decided it’s time to perform the “… baby one more time” and skip History 101 even before the school bell rings as I COULD HEAR ISARTOR CALLING:


The previous evening i witnessed its grand entrance opening wide with welcome to all its guests like a graceful German king who held an open house castle ceremony, and i thought i overheard tales of swollen sizzling sausages and the warm, drunken Feuerzangenbowle mit Schuss* that are just waayyy too irresistible for a starving peasant like yours truly. In a matter of an instance, we found ourselves right in front of these delicious beauties:


{*Feuerzangenbowle mit Schuss – Gluhwein + RUM!}


{lunch = Sauerkraut + Currywurst; my favorite wurst of all wursts}


What seemed like a snack ended up making us felt like we just had a feast for honorable knights, and the obvious answer which would then be the best yet cheapest remedy, is to walk. Munich is after all the largest city of Bavaria so i decided that doing some window shopping nearby the Harry Potter-ish Neues Rathaus would be a good idea:



{small town girl in a great big city}




{my interpretation of Munich’s Espressamente illy @ Pavilion KL}


And that was how we absorbed all that Munich has to offer. 😉

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