Sacred Coeur


Though I have to admit that one of the so-called ‘first world pains’ in a woman’s life is to wear a body hugging dress, I did it anyway for the sake of Paris and sailor stripes. With a coat of bold red lipstick to follow and some CoCo attitude, we hit Paris hard.


This shot taught me one thing – you know how sometimes (especially when you grow older) you think “Nah, I’d better not take a picture here“? Well, without noticing, I’ve reached that state of mind.

But when my Paris partner-in-crime, Shea, encouraged me to steal a shot at Charles de Gaulle Etoile station, I eventually did it and naturally, brought home this photograph I love so much!

The next time you hesitate to take a picture (no matter what the scene) when traveling, remember: JUST DO IT. Nothing feels worse than regretting that you didn’t when you’re already back home.


I’ve read many travel bloggers overseas who claim that the Sacred Coeur (Sacred Heart of Jesus) is a place to visit only if you have the time because it is quite a distance from the main tourist attractions i.e. the Eiffel Tower. However, all of them were glad that they did it when they finally got the chance. Knowing that, I vowed not skip this beauty during my first trip to Paris. Did I repent? Absolutely NOT.


{We even discovered the bones of St. Denis 😯 }


{Our shivering journey into the crypt . . . No one else was there, but us}


Outdoors, I managed to take the compulsory shot: Sitting in a Parisian café – check. Sailor stripes – check. Red lipstick – check. Double C monogram in hand – check check! Get the combined look here and here.


{A tourist in a romantic city named Paris . . . and she just can’t wait to be back one day}

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