Xieng Khuan Buddha Park


To go or not to go, that is the question when it comes to Vientiane’s Xieng Khuan Buddha Park. Mainly because it is slightly far from the city, off the beaten track; if I can put it that way.

To get there, I highly recommend booking a taxi. The 25km ride is around 40 minutes, costing 250k kip (RM113). Anyone charging you higher than that, tell him to ‘fly kite’. The invariable fact that the park is rather small makes the dilemma of whether it is worth the trip – valid. But if you ask me, there is not too much to do in Vientiane, so why not?


Personally, visiting this place was mainly for photo purposes (there’s a fee of 3k kip to bring in your camera, on top of a 5k kip entrance fee) and I’m truly grateful that Big Guy was patient enough to take all the nice shots you see in this post, under the hot sun. So if you would like to do the same, make sure you have a companion that’s willing to do the same.

Every Buddha statue that exists in the park is featured in this entry. After much research via Pinterest, here you will find some of the ‘famous’ angles that you have to capture. Enjoy the photo diary!


Big suspected that Bounleua Sulilat, the creator of this park built in 1958, must be high on something to come out with the crazy stories these statues ‘tell’. Count me in on that thought!

There is also a part where you can climb into a giant pumpkin and experience the levels of hell, earth and heaven. Here’s my journey from A to Z:


{At the entrance: Hell}


{Rocky journey inside which reminds me fondly of Pisa}


{Inside the pumpkin}


{At the exit: Heaven}


{Cindy the Reindeer}


 Xieng Khuan Buddha Park Photo Diary 2015

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