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If this little slice of travelogue was a pizza, trust me I wouldn’t know how to sell it as good as I could with the latter. On our third lugubrious day at Hong Kong, we learned what it’s like to be homeless and what an experience that was! The entire day was all about finding shelter every 10 or 20 minutes to avoid the stubborn downpour, which seems to be in the state of ambivalence.

There is nothing much one can actually do in such unforgiving weather, except for putting our travel plans in abeyance by chatting our lives away at cosy coffee shops (but how many cups can you drink in a day, really). We then tried the other escape route by wasting our lives away the typical Malaysian way – go to the mall. C’mmon, we’re all guilty of that.

Here’s the best I could squeeze out to be made into a rainy day itinerary (check out for words in bold); if that counts . . .


{Umbrella party at Tung Lo Wan}


{We surprised ourselves by spending 25% of the day at an ostentatious 2 storey Apple store at Causeway Bay. They have workshops there too!}


Crossed out our biggest dilemma of the entire trip – “Ferry or no ferry?”, and fulfilled my satisfaction of finally meeting Mimi (who, the pretty unicorn that she is, solved the primary for us with absolutely no persuasion necessary).


{On the ferry (the best decision ever) : Me, Torng, Mimi}


{Watched a million colorful untold stories floating on water swiftly passed us by}


{Hong Kong Cultural Centre}


{the most pleasing thing I saw that day (after Mimi, that is), was 1881 Heritage}

Back then it was awful but thinking back of that day now, made me realized how much it has chagrined me with both its sullenness and charm.

As Mimi and I said our au revoir in tight embrace, I too, secretly fought in ambivalence and within seconds my tears started pouring. I haven’t had to say goodbye to a beloved friend for quite some time and that night reminded me to cherish every friendship I have – like it is the last.


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  1. I too, can use a thesaurus.

    No but seriously though, if you’re open to a little critique, I have to say that your writing feels very forced. I think your posts from earlier this year and even last year feels a lot more natural.

    As much as we would like to pepper our articles with fancy words and phrases, less is more most of the time. I mean, is your goal to sound smart, confuse the reader, or share a story about your what-looks-like-a-really-fun-trip to Hong Kong? 🙂

    1. Hi Tyler! Believe it or not, no Thesaurus was involved in the writing of this post. I enjoy learning new words while reading & exploring new ways of writing.

      I don’t expect the general audience to relate, neither do I find the rationale to confuse them. But to those who appreciate the story, I’d be happy to receive. Thanks for reading! 😉

      1. No no, of course I don’t expect everyone to relate, but the point of a blog, especially one that’s public, is for people to read. Anyway that’s just a suggestion, you don’t have to take my word for it, but good effort on trying out new words 😉

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