A Survival Guide to Rainforest World Music Festival


Rainforest World Music Festival is happening this weekend! To those who are still in a dilemma of to-go-or-not-to-go, I thought of putting together 5 top FAQs that Malaysians lingo with this time of the year. The conclusion: GO!


Is it really worth it to fly all the way to Borneo?


Definitely! Especially if you have never attended the event before. Even if you had, it is always fun to make this an annual getaway to look forward to with a bunch of crazy friends. Besides getting to enjoy the festival, you can also make a real discovery or food excursion out of it. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!


What can I expect from the event?


Think festival vibes, interesting music to discover, cheap booze, a lot of dancing and relaxing in between. It’s Coachella, Borneo style.


Where is the best place to stay in terms of convenience?


Damai Beach Resort is perfect for this trip as you can easily walk back and forth from your room to the festival, yet its distance is far enough to not interrupt your nights; should you decide to knock off early. Shuttles and buses are provided too for those who want to visit Kuching town, etcetera.


What else can I do there to make the most out of it? 


– Visit Sarawak Cultural Village.

– Catch the winning sunset on a boat ride at Santubong.

– Do the One Day in Kuching travel guide (Noodle Descendants A1 kolo mee is a must!)

After all, many foreign tourists come all the way to Malaysia to enjoy the beautiful gem that is Borneo – why shouldn’t we too?


How do I enjoy the festival in comfort & style?

what to wear rainforest music festival

Always wear festival-themed pieces that are made of thin, breathable materials, comfortable shoes and a bag that is neither too big nor too small to fit in all the necessary stuff you need. Add on a pair of sunnies and bohemian-inspired accessories to get your OOTD in-the-mood. Start off with the basic, but layer up with creativity! More on that here.


My favorite part of it is . . .


Personally, it was getting the fake tattoos all over my body.


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