Sunshine Jacquard Looms

zara yellow jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are known to be a pain in the ass when a girl has to visit the WC because not only do they require her to strip 3/4 naked, they also bring full potential of dangling on wet toilet floors if she ain’t skillful enough to grab them between her legs. Despite being a first-world-pain, this particular jacquard piece I got promises to be nightmare-free. Not only is the material soft and super comfortable to live in, it also comes with a zip that operates smoothly. For a road trip to Girona, I chose a gorgeous summer color that would make any golden girl look great; even with a tan she didn’t plan.

zara yellow jumpsuitzara yellow jumpsuitzara yellow jumpsuitzara yellow jumpsuitzara yellow jumpsuit

RAYBAN Round Metal Flash Lenses
ZARA jacquard jumpsuit (similar here)
Evil eye bracelets & ring from Turkey (similar here & here)
KATE SPADE clutch (cute Snoopy version here)
TOPSHOP nude sandals (similar here)
Necklace from Luang Prabang


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