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Headline: The very first Wrangler store in Malaysia is finally opened @ Sunway Pyramid. i was invited alongside 9 other bloggers to model their regenerated and redefined jeans at the launch – a great, fun event pumped with great shots of adrenaline. From what we observed backstage, crowds started forming in front of the store 2 hours prior the catwalk! Here are some behind-the-scenes shots before i proceed with the runway.


Don’t know how to wear your denim this week? Presenting Wrangler’s most outrageous outfits for your consideration (because other denim can’t do good enough) :


The first outfit i wore reminds me of this; which in my opinion is the best color combination on earth. A mesh knit hippie top worn over a mini white denim complete with sneakers, is a match made in heaven for the easy going yet stylish people. Unlike other knit tops, this piece from Wrangler looks wafer-thin, but is actually just thick enough to keep me warm. An ideal piece to wear in this country where it’s hot outside, yet freezing in malls or offices.


Play up your favorite pair of jeans using the layering method for a tad of over-the-top look when you’re feeling adventurous. Grab a classic leather jacket and wear it under a simple T tucked under a casual shirt, and watch heads turn! These pieces by Wrangler are versatile and very easy to match any day with anything.


This not-so-typical cut-out shorts look great when paired with a flirty checkered blouse with girly ruffles at its edges. Complete the look with a pair of heels. It’s all about the perfect balance and Wrangler makes sure you achieve just that to look good even in casual wear.


Imagine this outfit without the belt and shirt. Wouldn’t you agree that 2 simple things could easily spice up a huge difference? Now you know what to do with your pair of deep blue jeans, guys! The new regenerated jeans from Wrangler is gonna be your favorite pair once you get your hands on them.


The second outfit i wore is a totally different look; more to the edge of ruggedness. i loovvveeee the chic black leather jacket paired with bootcut denim. It’s like the perfect duet of a famous rock song. Truth: it’s the most perfect leather jacket i ever worn up till today. Wrangler ROCKS!!! 8)


Do get a good pair of slim fit skinnies from Wrangler as it goes with everything.


Extra credits to guys who know how to wear and pair new fall neutrals. Try khaki colored denim from Wrangler for a change. The grey jacket Lobo was wearing makes a bombastic difference to the total look too, don’t you agree?


Everybody lookin’ good in WRANGLER!


This is my favourite look on Lobo. Blue jeans, check. Unbuttoned shirt, Checkered shirt in vintage wash, check. Rugged denim jacket, check. If you have the height to carry this look, get it from Wrangler NOW!

These are just a few looks that i feature in this post. You can “like” Wrangler’s Facebook page here for more stylish inspirations. 8)


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  1. saya tak pernah pakai denim seumur hidup (hingga kini)
    sempena ramadhan dan hari raya ini, bagaimana kalau cindy buat post tentang baju kurung atau kebaya?. I’m dying to see you in malay busana. sure look gojes!

    1. insya-allah kalau dapat beli~ was thinkin to shop kat Mimpi Kita kalo ada org ajak gi rumah raya XD

  2. u look great and will support u always

    1. u’re an awesome supporter. thank you (:

      1. is my pleasure to support u forever

  3. awesome! is lobo your bf? lol 😉 hes so hot! and i love your wavy hair! my sis suddenly came into my room and saw your photo she said you’re gorgeous! 🙂 xx


  4. […] weather to wear my favorite fall staple – this faux leather jacket (also seen here and here), along with a new mustard cotton top i got from Miss Selfridge. i’m not a big fan of bell […]

  5. i know this is a bit late, but i LOVE your outfit! love the cropped sweater top and the whole look, i think it would look even more amazing with a short beige denim skirt, or shorts. but only cos of the weather in this country. =P

    1. thank you Alene (: i love the combination too!

  6. Baru jer semalam famili saya sembang pasal nie… hari nie jumpa blog awak … tahniah atas penerangan yg bermanafaat nie..

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