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Hi all!

It’s dreary Monday, i know. But hey, i am one of the Top 5 Most Fashionable Bloggers in Malaysia chosen by TOPSHOP!!! 😀


Ain’t that so cool?! You can read the article here. Tell me what you think!


i hope you like it as much as i do, cuz i really really do!! 8)

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  1. like button of course 🙂
    picture v nice … congrats, cindy. its so cool to get recognition by major brand like topshop

    1. thanks Francesca, yea i felt & still feel very happy indeed cuz it’s TOPSHOP! am a crazy fan =x

  2. wahhhhhh!nice!
    congrats cindy!

    1. thanks hakim! 🙂

  3. way to go girl! but they spelt ur name wrong in the opening…

    1. i know… sigh T___T

  4. Holy moly yeayyy!!!!

    1. Holy Macaroni! ahahaha yeay~

  5. woowowo congrats cindy!

    1. thankk youuu kay why !

  6. read d~ they spelt ur surname wrong!! T_T

    1. that’s y man… za douuu ~.~

  7. WOW. Congrats ! 😀

    “Most of my readers are very loyal and often send me emails. Receiving their joy and appreciation is a kind of satisfaction no 9 to 6 job can offer.”

    From this, people can tell what a humble and nice person you are 🙂 And can I say that receiving replies from you is also very warming, in that you actually take the time to reply personally to each of your readers. As a reader, I’m telling you that we appreciate it too ! :DDDDD

    Wish you the best of everything !!!!

    1. Thank you so much Liz. U made my day night (even when i am having a terrible skin allergy reaction now). All the best in everything for U too & do take good care of your health! Unlike me… haha

  8. I sometimes wonder why i always end up reading your blog, afterall, it is relentlessly girly, I guess it’s because i’m a fan of stuff that’s well done.. and it is!

    One more thing, why the hell do TS Malaysia have a white boy in a dress all over their facebook page? Your photo puts that one to shame and I bet you just took it yourself on a digi-cam too!

    Bloody creative directors! Rant, rant, rant, cut wrists, rant.. etc.

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