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Today’s fashion post is inspired by one of the most magnificent bird on earth :


The albino peacock. Grandeur. Period.


Today we shall sail in a sea of splendor & experience the elegance of simplicity.



i love the bejeweled details on this dress and everything about it really. What’s there not to love?






Inspirations are everywhere around us. It’s just a matter of how aware you are of your surroundings, and how much you are willing to stop and breathe them into your life. 😉

On a different note, i was @ e-Curve for the screening of HOP when i received a Top Secret Document from a a guy who looks like a secret agent. The document consists confidential info; which looks like a leaked document from some top secret organization!


There’s an URL that says www.kolony.com.my. Out of curiosity i opened it, but hmmm… i don’t know how to say. Maybe you should try click it & let me know what you see?

Apparently something big is gonna happen on the 6th of April and it will be announced @ the site. Hopefully something weird, but positive!

i also found a piece of crumpled neon orange paper & scribbled on it is a website URL: http://lambangmisteri/blogspot.com


It belongs to a blogger named Kaki Misteri wtf! He’s been researching about the mysterious symbol and collected a lot of news about other people who have also spotted the symbol appearing everywhere in the country.

Have you seen this too?

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  1. LOVE the details on the dress too ! So pretty !!!!! 😀 However, I do have a problem with maxi dresses cos of my height T.T I think they’re pretty, but I can’t wear them 🙁 Too bad. But oh well, mini skirts for me then xD

    1. the good thing is, the maxi dresses from TPL are not too long. if U noticed, in the site it’s written the model height; which is not taller than 158! still got chance 😉

  2. Hi noted that most of clothing r bought fr the Pop Look. R u the store owner ? Any other good online boutique to recommend?

    1. hey there, no Pop Look is not mine but they sponsor me clothes. i’m not too sure about other online boutiques, but i’m starting one on my own! 😀

  3. Their clothes look nice on u, u’ve dressed them up so stylish. By the look at their clothing on their website, it looks so dull and some of them r so “auntie”. They shd have ask u 2 b their model la…Pls do make announcement when u’ve started ur online boutique ya…

    1. Thanks for the compliment sugarhoney~ Will definitely let ya know when i get it started!

  4. […] enjoy. All you need, is a mobile phone. Forget BBM and WhatsApp; you only need SMS! Remember the Top Secret Document i received from a Secret Agent? i went to http://www.kolony.com.my and found the other piece of the […]

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