5 Cinspirations

The past week has been graced with gifts; be it from a friend, nature, or simply, myself! That very moment when you receive something thoughtful is a precious feeling. With that in mind, I learned that a gift can be something as simple as a thought or an effort sought by yourself, i.e. seeing the beauty that is in the sky; be it dense with thick grey clouds or when the sun dissolves itself languidly into the horizon.

Here are 5 Cinspirations that gifted me smiles (:

1. This new species of fresh flowers in the living room


{for though they didn’t last too long, they brought me back to a fond childhood imagination; where I ran in the meadows blushing with pastel flowers, at a land that breathes spring all year long}

2. This picture frame and how its 3D compositions play out


{because it is from an old friend, Oli, who albeit didn’t attend our ROM, still made the effort to surprise}

3. This black roses lace choker


{because this is the season for chokers and I can’t stop wearing this sexc thing with my daily outfits}

4. This new eau de toilette


{because just one spray bursts the scent of a hundred blooming red roses. coming soon on my Instagram}

5. This 6:20 a.m. sunrise


{because I loved how É and I stood side by side to take in the elegant moment, then scrambled back to slumberland clumsily after}


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