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Bryce Canyon

This is the first time in 12 years that I’ve abandoned my blog for half a month. I feel extremely guilty, yet well-rested and ready. It is a weird feeling. The result of that, however, is prepping one, in this case me, to be ready for anything. It is true that sometimes you have to go away, to return better.

Before leaving Malaysia for 38 days, I worked hard a couple of months ahead to get my content lined up so that my readers would see fresh content every 2 to 3 days. It was completely naive and overly confident of me to stop the stories flowing since 31st August, thinking that I could hop back to work immediately upon my return.

(Truth is, I needed a vacation from my serious vacation and surprisingly, all the stars lined up in the sky for that to happen.)


Dear loyal readers, thank you for checking back every now and then for the past 2 weeks. I checked my Google Analytics to see the damage my absence had done and was surprised to learn that you, my returning visitors are always here all along! You are the reason I want to give more and the push I need to be better. <3

This September update is more of a personal post than a how-to guide or inspiration piece. I think you might want to know what has been happening since time kidnapped me the day I touch down, and how every single event gave me so much more cinspirations for the upcoming blog posts; improved with more thoughts poured into than before.

Here’s what you can expect during this month’s consistency:

1. Why You Shouldn’t Travel with Contiki 

Grand Prismatic Spring

This is a story of how I spent RM17k and got ditched in Boston for a week by my tour agency without a single note or help. Imagine saving up for years and paying a huge lump sum to be left stranded alone all the way across the globe! I can’t wait to write this article not because of hatred, but because I vow to save as many people as I can from falling into this irresponsible travel agency’s marketing trap and start to fear travel.


2. An (Incredibly) Affordable Weekend Getaway Gem

Damai Laut

Nearing the end of my USA travels, I was haunted by the thought of returning back to reality so I opened my inbox to get an idea of the number of emails in order to manage expectations. I almost squealed in delight to find one from a beach resort at Damai Laut that wanted to sponsor me and my husband a welcome home staycation! It was a bliss and I look forward to share this gem with you.


3. A North-Malaysia Gastronomical Tour Guide

Hainan Orkid Tropica

Just 2 days after Damai Laut, É and I hopped into my dad’s new Porsche on a family food trip by road from KL -> Perak -> Kedah -> Langkawi. I promise you the best of the best in terms of GIANT fish head curry, moist-moist BBQ pork, one restaurant so good it is the first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘Langkawi’ . . . This is one helluva food trail across the states that anyone can do with a car packed with food lovers.


4. Original travel tips I personally discover while being on the road 

Bryce Canyon

I italicize the word ‘personally’ because I realize many travel blogs / publications out there are feeding the same, recycled travel tips on a different day, different platform. Therefore, I’d like to highlight that the tips I’d share with you in this blog are found or tested from my own personal travels. So if you’ve heard of it before, it most probably is a trick that really works for all!

One example is an article I’ve written while on the road on ‘How to Get Beautiful Pictures Taken When Traveling Alone’; which is a fun guide I think most solo female travelers will find useful and relatable, so make sure you don’t miss out on that piece.


5. Quitting my job (and moving to Singapore)

Langkawi Skywalk

After 3 years of growing and building in the same company, making moves to leave 100 times yet ended up staying longer, finally came the day when I resigned with a peace of mind and contentment. There is something simple to believe and that is ‘there is a right time for everything’. Time after time many people had advised me to quit yet somehow I recognized that it wasn’t comfort holding me back but faith in the team I built and the company I was in.

É got a new job in Singapore and as a faithful wife (ehem), faithfully I shall follow. With this new move, I am sure my future posts in this blog will reflect on the new changes living in a different country; one that is so near yet so far in terms of life quality, currency, mindset and working culture. I hope Singapore will be kind to me. If you happen to be a Singaporean reader, do drop me a holla!


Grand Prismatic Spring

Cin City is also in the process of getting a major facelift and improved mobile version. If there is a certain topic you’d like me to share more about (one I always receive is relating to marrying a foreigner and the PR process), perhaps relationship and love? (any cheesy facts you’d like to know about É and I), advises on cyber stalking (another FAQ I still receive today), or any suggestions that can help this blog improve, I’m more than happy to hear them so do comment below.

Aside from the updates above are 2 more sponsored trips overseas, a special magazine feature in-the-making, and several upcoming food + speakeasy bars invitations to grace with my new dresses snagged from LA.

I am so excited of what’s ahead of me and I want to thank everyone reading this for your kind support, interest in my little stories, and priceless loyalty.




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  1. Hello! I am a Singaporean who has been following your blog for a while. Do give me a shout out when you finally get here!

    1. hi Jo-Mel! I will definitely do that, ask for tips & hopefully make a few new friends 😀 I’m really excited about the move!

  2. Congratulations on the next chapter of life! I have been a reader since yonkers ago! It has been such a cool journey to see you grow 🙂

    And ps: that would be an AWESOME travel tips because I often wonder. Did they get a super extended go pro or something

    1. Hi again Adeline! I remember you most definitely as my very early readers. So glad to know that you’re still here (: I look forward to publishing that piece. Hope it helps! xxx

  3. You will fall in love with Singapore and it will treat you kind don’t worry 🙂

    1. Fingers crossed! Glad to know that soon we can catch up more often 😀

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