Merdeka Nails


Despite a consistent flow of wildly shared, embarrassing news of the country that highlight my Facebook timeline, I’d still like to believe that it is the people that are ludicrous, not our country. As wearing colors of our flag might be a bit too literal for the occasion, I’ve decided to celebrate this weekend holiday by showing some patriotic love through nail art instead of fashion. Shall we count the extraordinary values that make us proud Malaysians and get inspired before the momentous day? I think so!


How To: D.I.Y. Merdeka Nails

Give your nails some love by applying a base coat for protection.


I always like to paint the my ring finger first with some glitter. Add a heart to show your love for Malaysia!


Double coat middle finger in a blue shade with glossy finish.


Add cute polka dots like so to represent the moon / stars of our flag. If you make any mistakes, use the perfect paint job corrector pen to do some quick, easy fixing.


Coat the remaining three fingers in red, followed by a neat stripe of white. Draw thinner stripes using a nail art pen if you’d like to create more of them instead of the ‘french manicure’ technique.


Repeat steps on the other hand. Make sure to apply a layer of top coat for longer lasting nails, and you’re done! I hope you have a wonderful Merdeka celebration while celebrating in style (:


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  1. Does it takes a long time to get dry with the normal nail polish? Tried before, but takes ages to get dry for each coat. do u have tips for that?

    1. Hi laydeylike, i usually buy a better formula that dries faster. I think that helps a lot. Alternatively, I place my hand in front of a table fan after painting all 10 nails. I learned that’s how they do it at nail salons too. Hope that helps!

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