Boho Pony Braid


I never used to be creative with my tresses. It’s quite a waste, especially when I have long hair because what I can do with it, is endless. Realizing that, I made a resolution last year to make use of that fact; putting my crowning glory to good use as part of my daily accessory.

This year, I’m excited to share with you a new hair series under the beauty section, decoding dreamy hair inspirations from Pinterest that might seem hard to achieve. This feature of beautiful messes are simple ideas that go against the belief that chic hairdos have to be complicated.

My promise: simple, fast, stylish hairstyles you can achieve using ONLY 2 elastics and a few bobby pins (or sometimes none), provided you have hair at shoulder-length, or longer. Any questions? Drop them at the comment box below!

How to: Boho Pony Braid 

What you’ll need: 2 elastics, 1 bobby pin


Done! Your new look is achieved.

Make sure to give your hairdo a few teases for that messy, boho vibe for the sexc gypsy in you.


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