Miss Bob


Remember this post where i had my super long hair cut into a bob? Now it’s time to come clean :mrgreen:. To be honest, i did not cut my hair. In fact, i find such decision one of the (no offense) stupidest things to do especially when girls tell me it is for some guy who broke their heart, but then complain endlessly about how they miss their long hair after! i can’t help but wonder – what has your hair got to do with your exes? Anyway, here is a simple and easy 3 Steps post on how to look like you cut yards off your hair. The one and only thing you need, is:


{a good elastic band that stays put, and preferably does not leave tie marks}


1. Tie hair into a (very) high pony tail.


2. Split hair into two sections and pull to each sides – left and right.


3. Run your fingers where necessary to make hair look like a neat bob.


{Take a picture that does not show the band and voila! New ‘bob cut’ for a change}


i’ve got countless people who asked me if i was wearing extensions! So the next time you see me, no – i did not cut my hair. 😆

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  1. dont slap me if i pull your pony tail when i see you next time… 😛 just to cross check if it is genuine :))

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