Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial

Sansa Stark Cersei Lannister Hair Tutorial

4 Easy Steps to Wear Your Crown of Glory Like A Queen.

It’s the final season of #GoT! As there are only 7 episodes this time around, I reckon every detail of the show is worth looking into SERIOUSLY.

To celebrate the return of my #1 must-watch series, I recreated this hairdo sported by Sansa Stark last Sunday; which fans noticed to be a clue of her admiring Cersei Lannister (who wore this same hairstyle back in Season 3). If you’re a fan of the show too, you’d have noticed how far their hairstylists go for each character; men and women alike. So for this particular Game of Thrones hairstyle to be appearing twice? This huge clue is definitely NOT a coincidence. It’s one worth paying a tribute to!

This might just be the easiest cinspiration of all queen hairstyles. Unlike Daenerys’s silver hair, there is no need for a Cersei Lannister wig to achieve this look. Just 4 steps including a couple of YouTube braids, and you’d be wearing this hype as your crown of glory in no time.


Watch this video tutorial under 30 seconds!


  1. Curl hair into loose waves.
  2. Divide each side of your fringe into two parts of hair and braid. Fasten each braid with a thin + tight hairband.
  3. Join both braids together at the back and twist into a bun.
  4. Secure with bobby pins.

Sansa Stark Cersei Lannister Hair Tutorial

Sansa Stark Cersei Lannister Hair Tutorial

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