Dig N’ Twist!

Today i’m revealing the only 2 secrets you need to achieve that glamorous Hollywood red carpet super model hair you see in magazines!

i discovered ’em from my makeover shoot in the 1st episode of My Dreamgirl.


This post is also about my first meeting with my favourite hair guru of all time :


Tony lao shi, who flew all the way  from Taiwan to fix my :


‘Half-way’ tresses  T__________T

In the first meeting, Tony checked our hair texture, length, and colour. Then he decided what’s best to do for each head below :


With the other 9 contestants.

Here’s a short video on how to Dig N Twist. i’m gonna TM it k! hahaha…

不 要 小 看 他 哦! These 2 tips comes in handy anytime, anyday.


Tomorrow i’m leaking out  behind-the-camera scenes of what happened backstage during the shoot HERE. ^^

Happy Sunday everyone! xoxoxo

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  1. no wonder u asking for your hair in FB,
    its a nice trick but i wont have a chance to do that cos i dun have long hair !hahahaha!!! maybe should try on my untidy man hair.haha

    1. how’s ur hair like? *wink

      1. haha mine are short hair looks like spiky but not spiky haha

  2. hey i love this video… thanks girl !!!
    guess i’ve learn from here…
    let me try it out tmr :p

  3. youwantapieceofme on

    U know wat i like about u best? u’re very genuine n not selfish with your knowledge at all. watever u learnt n gain, u share it wit u. thank u so much

  4. youwantapieceofme on

    Thanks for sharing this tip! that is what i really like about u…u are not selfish with whatever u’ve learnt n gain.
    btw, how do u tie your hair into the bun?? mind showing??

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