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Have you ever started a good day like this, and then ended up like this? i had, and it felt like the hours couldn’t go any slower! i couldn’t wait for the day to just end so i could wash my hair again and give it a good fix. If you experienced that before, do not fret. You are (definitely) not alone! 🙂

Most women start their days off with great looking hair. However, especially when living in a humid country like Malaysia or simply when travelling to any countries along the earth’s equator, you might realize that our hair tends to lose its gleam resulting in an ‘afternoon hair slump’. To counter this tragedy (or should i say, hair tsunami):

THIS IS NEW – Sunsilk’s improved Smooth & Manageable secret formula by straight hair expert, Yuko Yamashita. This incredible product works in two ways: to keep tresses smooth and supple for long period of time. It is infused with a unique blend of 5 natural oils* and Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex™ that tames frizzy and flyaway hair; protecting it against harsh, hot and humid environments.


*Oils greatly benefit hair in many ways, while different oils contribute in different ways. Infused with a unique blend with 5 natural oils, this lightweight formula penetrates and nourishes each strand of hair deeply without making hair greasy or limp! It then creates a protective layer that coats the hair to lock in the nourishments. How awesome is that? 😀

  • Moroccan Argan Oil – Restructures and moisturises hair
  • Olive Oil – Gives superior smoothness
  • Coconut Oil – Nourishes unmanageable hair
  • Almond Oil – Gives elasticity to get perfect movement
  • Jojoba Oil – Keeps hair in place/shape

On a separate note that i’m about to gel in, dear K-Pop lovers, i have great news for you! As we all know, Sunsilk’s personality has always been upbeat and joyful; just like the bright and fun K-Pop culture. With the rising popularity of K-Drama, K-trends and K-Concerts, here is a chance for you to be a star in a K-pop dance competition namely Sunsilk Girls Search!

Sunsilk is joining forces with the bright and bubbly Hannah Tan to bring the fun yet trendy K-Culture to Malaysians through their song collaboration “Hey! Miss Pretty”. Five winners will get the golden opportunity to perform as the opening act for 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia alongside the beautiful songstress, a lifetime experience you can never forget.

If you are a girl whom exudes confidence derived from having great hair and would love to have fun expressing yourself by strutting your best moves without any worry of your hair and appearance, this dance competition is made for you. Details below:

Sunsilk Girl Search

Age limit: 18 and above

Search: 18 March – 14 April 2013 (Closing date!)

Finale: 28 April 2013

How to participate:

There will be a Sunsilk truck that makes pit-stops at high-traffic locations bringing elements of K-Pop culture such as hair styling, make up, fashion makeover, and even photoshoots! There will also be a dance tutorial outside the truck to encourage participation for the search. Details below:


OR, submit your application through Sunsilk Malaysia Facebook page, under the Sunsilk Girls Search tab.

Winners x5:

The golden opportunity of performing as the opening act for the 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia.

Not only does Sunsilk brings great hair to women, it also gives them enjoyment and extended hours of good times! Don’t you just loovvveeee a brand that cares so much about their customers’ interests? 😉



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