[AD] Make Ice Cream Like A Boss

As a blogger i’ve watched many videos online, but when i came across this new series of Taylor’s University videos, i thought “Hey, this is pretty amazing!“.

What i really liked is the fact that Taylor’s used the Like a Boss meme to come up with interesting videos to highlight their schools (Taylor’s Business School and Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts). This simply shows that they take the initiative to understand the generation today, and are aware that many out of the 3 million smart phone users in Malaysia today are 9gag-ers; making this a relevant approach to make their message relatable. i wished i would have such privilege when i was uni scouting! These videos are not only creative and entertaining; their suggestions provided also encourage you to think out-of-the-box when it comes to solving potential problems we face in our daily life. How do i know? Well, the best way to find out something is to do it.

Last weekend, i tried to make ice cream under 2 minutes based on this video below; an initiative by Taylor’s University students to showcase activities associated to them beyond the classroom concept:

The video is about a heroine trying to save her friend who was kidnapped, with the kidnapper giving her an almost impossible task of making ice cream in 2 minutes. Watch how she saves her friend under the immense pressure!

My video with a cinful twist:

Besides having a lot of fun with Sarah shooting this video, the most rewarding part of it is to learn that It (making ice cream in 2 minutes) actually works!

Kudos to Taylor’s University in supporting the endeavors of their students. As the Taylor’s program is a fusion of arts and science; Taylor’s believes in making things interesting for students to provide a wholesome environment so they can apply skills and learnings and think outside the box.

And these videos show exactly that! Here’s 2 more videos from the Taylor’s students; one bursting with fun and energy from Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and another from Taylor’s Business School. Enjoy!

p.s. Thank you Sarah, for being part of the fun, laughter, and time shared together.

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