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I wasn’t a huge believer of face or palm reading until Miss Cindy Chew, a professional face reader whom I met at The Sloane Clinic‘s Beauty and Fortune Workshop, gave me a personal face reading session and left me speechless.

There are ‘hidden secrets’ on my face; like the scar above my left forehead, or the peach blossom mole in my left eye – little did I know that these tiny details say so much about myself!


 {Miss Cindy Chew speaking about what is auspicious for the face using pictorial evidence of celebrities}

It was the most special, interesting, hence memorable beauty workshop I’ve attended. We started by learning how our facial features can predict our life’s successes. The ancient Chinese developed a sophisticated metaphysical science of facial reading, Mian Xiang, that is still used today to discern one’s character and unlock divine secrets of one’s future.

Emotions, illness, good fortune and bad — all leave marks on our face. Like an open autobiography, our appearance tells non-verbal stories about our personality; which invariably affects how others relate to us.

Sometimes a small change in your face is all you need to improve love, luck, life’s destiny, or reap bigger rewards in career!

Here’s what I learned:


As for my face, it is said that I work better with men, my ‘peach blossom’ eye means I attract many men (in other words, it won’t be hard for me to find a husband, lol), I’ve a closer relationship with my dad than with my mum, I am good at marketing and speaking; so people listen to me . . . How true that is, I’ll leave that for those who know me well to decide.


If you have thoughts of enhancing a beauty potential of your face and looking for safe, effective treatments, The Sloane Clinic™ has a panel of doctors and plastic surgeons who use advanced (non-invasive) cosmetic dermatology and cutting edge plastic surgery techniques.

By using a fusion of science and art, The Sloane Clinic™ can not only bring your face closer to the beauty ideal but also fulfil your destiny’s potential!

Did you know?

The Sloane Clinic™ is one of the few places in Asia to offer Epicuren facials and skincare, made famous by celebrities in Sex & the City.

If you’re seeking for pampering and light skin maintenance, The Sloane Spa™ also offers medically sound yet blissful facials. Each one of us had a personal aesthetic consultation with Dr. Aster after, to learn about the suitable treatments for our face and skin type.


{With the gorgeous and extremely charismatic Dr. Low Chai Ling}

Doctors from The Sloane Clinic™ gave inspiring talks on how we can enhance our youth and complexion with science, by sharing tips and tricks on how one can instantly enhance her looks using non-invasive aesthetic treatments:

FOREHEAD &TEMPLES: A full, smooth and broad forehead with no visible marks, lines or scars foretell good general fortune and a smooth-sailing career. Flaws in this Fortune House may reflect problems in the form of bad health, distressful relationships or money troubles.

TIP: Fraxel Light helps you eliminate etched-in wrinkles, pigmentation and scars in exchange for a silky peaches-and-cream complexion – paving your way to good fortune, a glowing career and marital bliss. Count on the Voluma High Definition Lift to give sunken temples an instant boost safely and painlessly for a loving marriage.

EYES: Broad brows and upper eyelids that open up to sparkling clear eyes bring luck to your real estate and material endeavours. Deep frown lines and creases between the eyes are signs of a stressful, worry-filled life that might be complicated with ill-health.

TIP: Unknot those furrows with a quick and simple BOTOX® treatment. Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment to smooth out crinkles, tighten lax, hooded lids and open up your eyes to youthful vitality, radiant health and bright financial outlook.

MOUTH & CHIN: Your lips and lower face speak volumes about your later years. Downturned lips make you appear more stern and unapproachable. The Popularity House in your jaw rules your relationship with colleagues and the younger generations – a round and full chin speaks of your popularity amongst followers.

TIP: Fill your golden years with joy and prosperity using Natural Fillers. Skin-identical hyaluronic acid fillers are ideal to soften laugh lines instantly, subtly lift the lip corners into a pleasant smile, and sculpt a stronger and more proportionate chin that’s in harmony with your facial features – all at once. 


Here are the locations where you can find The Sloane Clinic™ outlets:

  • Bangsar: 79 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur Tel | +603 2288178
  • Pavilion: 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Level 7 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 7.02.04, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel | +603 21106488

P.S. You may find Miss Cindy Chiew at Soleil Trinity Resource, a reputable Chinese Metaphysics boutique consultancy firm in Malaysia.


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