[AD] Maybank Photography Award

Calling out to all photography lovers and professional photographers out there! The inaugural Maybank Photography Awards is here, this time with the theme “Being Human“, as Maybank believes that excellent pictures have the ability to spur on social development and cultural understanding, thus uniting us as people. This is your chance to showcase everyone the very values that make us what and who we are through the power of your images!


The Maybank Photography Awards is a collaborative effort between Maybank, Leica, Profoto and HP.

Entry categories are:

1. Photographer of The Year


A body of work (1 to 5 images) consisting of interrelated images in the photographer’s own personal style which represents the theme and has to be technically sound with a strong substance in its communicated message.

2. Street Photography


A documentary-style image which captures subjects in candid situations and communicates a grand story or idea relevant to the theme in a single frame, predominantly in a public location.

3. Studio Photography


Any type of image which is shot within a studio environment, be it indoor or outdoor, with a predominant focus on technical brilliance and use of lighting to accentuate the subject matter in relation to the theme.

4. Landscape Photography


A capture of a scene or space in the world, be it urban, natural or a bit of both which relates to the theme.

5. Press Photography


This category is only open to members of the press. (For verification purposes, please upload a copy of your press credentials or your name card before proceeding with your photo uploads.)

Prizes are:

1 x Maybank Debit Card pre-loaded with RM 10,000
1 x Personalized Leica X2 Set
1 x Profoto D1 Studio Kit
1 X HP Designjet Z2100 24
1 x Maybank Debit Card pre-loaded with RM 5,000
2X RM 1,000


This competition will run from 3 September – 31 October 2012. All submissions received within this block of time will be shortlisted for final judging + public voting. ONLY one winner will be selected for each category, and two for People’s Choice Awards where contestants can garner support from friends and family for votes, so remember to submit your entry EARLY. Good luck! 😀


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