[AD] Beauty Horror Story: Pores!


There are very few things that i could afford to use the word “love” for but recently i’ve discovered a new addiction to be added into my list – the facial steamer. Although this is an ad, it so happen to also turn out to be an invention which i swear by. This brilliant product by Panasonic True Beauty (World’s 1ST Platinum Hot / Cold Steamer) is a must-have for all the ladies out there. Once you try it, i promise you’re on your milky way to glossy, firmer, cleaner skin* everyday.

*Results might vary for you, but for me it works perfectly so!


The hot and cool care is recommended by beauty specialists because the heating softens our skin, as the cooling pulls our skin tight again. Usually one can only get this treatment at a facial parlour, but now everyone can enjoy this benefit even at the comfort of their own home! This steamer is developed with a variety of hot/cool beauty programs to suit people with various skin types.

Here i’ve made a short and sweet video with some elements of fun in it, demonstrating how to use this awesome facial steamer. It might seem intimidating to first timers, but trust me – after watching this video you’ll see how easy it is. 😉


There are the 3 main courses available:

1. Clear Skin Mode: for fresh and glossy skin (approx. 15 mins)
2. Elasticity Mode: for fit and firm skin (approx. 13 mins)
3. Skin Care Mode: for smooth skin with clear pores (approx. 14 mins)


This steamer can also be used when removing your makeup! Simply apply hot steam while rubbing in your cleanser to get that lifting foundation and sebum dirt effect away from your precious skin.


2 important tips:

1. Use distilled water if possible
2. Always keep face at least 20cm away from the nozzle cap


Take my word for it, girls! Try this nanocare facial steamer by Panasonic True Beauty to feel the great difference to your skin and you’ll never look at facial steamers the same way again.


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