OZ, I Love You


It’s amazing how everything about Australia is capable of making me happy. The sky, the air, the trees… the simple list goes on. There’s just something about this radiant continent that makes me feel like my feet’s on the ground. As if i (finally) found a place i can call ‘home’. So this is what Australia does to me: i wake up smiling. i remember to breathe. i taste savor every single piece of morsel i eat taste. i hop along the streets like a little girl without any worries in this damned World. And most importantly, i cherish life by the SECOND as i live. When is the last time you feel so proud to tell the world confidently that you are one of “the happiest person on earth”? (Por favor, take your lover out of the picture because in this context, s/he doesn’t count.)


i spend the first day of my OZ trip frolicking in Brisbane city. Get a cup of coffee (decaf, with soy, no sugar – just the way i like it), shop at my favorite local brands outlet (SUPRE, Jay Jay’s, Dotti, Forever New, you name it), bought gifts for people i still remember despite my overflowing joy into my bubbling head, have lunch on a bench together with many #foreveralone hot hunks in their sunnies, and walk into the evening as far as my legs could to my heart’s content; before Ai Rene’s boyfriend picks me up for the obligatory welcome dinner. Each strand of my memory about Australia still pulses in my head, generating in my body what they call Serotonin, or in my case – i name them “happy hormones”. 🙂








Brisbane, i love you.


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