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Good sunny Sunday morning everyone!

i look at the time and it says 11:21 AM. That must be a good sign; cuz it is my D.O.B – Nov 21!

(i always believe that if i get to see 11:21 AM or 21:11 PM it means that day is gonna be my ‘Go Get It!’ day LOL)

Photo 214

i’m heading out to the city today. Be a ‘tour guide’ for a day; taking a friend around the heart of KL. Maybe explore Petaling Street, avoid a couple of pick pockets and beggars… i’m just joking.

Before i leave home, allow me to share with you some REAL pictures of Celcom Blue Bears i met in their Football Fever media event @ Rain Club last week.


Blue bear teams posing with the cool peeps from Celcom




Some kinkeh performances that kept the crowd goin’ ga-ga.


Kim Cun | Me | Sotong Zai


The venue decorated with bendera-bendera semangat.


bOOzed with the sweetest Joshua Ong XD


My dancing buffet dinner on a plate lol

And last but not least,


(Finally) a picture of me with my FAVOURITE team – Beartugal! 😀 (i managed to mix something up from my wardrobe to match the bear – Demam Bola FTW!!!)

If you are a fan of football, World Cup, and particularly the team you support, post videos, pics, updates, or even news to show it to everyone here! Or better still, find out about Celcom exclusive promotions during this football season; because it is so worth it.

i’m outta here to LIVE MY LIFE, guys~ Now get your asses out too! 8)

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  1. Got BearCinsia kah?
    Wah you sure can drink, yours almost
    finish and the person beside you still full.

    1. Cinsia is for what country? lol

      1. Cinsia is for Cindy and Malaysia.

  2. love the football earrings! Where did you get them?

    1. Plaza Damas market every Thursday lol~

  3. your outfit was awesomesauce match everything all!

    1. everything all! ahahhahahaa

  4. world cup gonna be interesting all!

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