[AD] Blue Bears

After returning from Australia, i noticed a change in me.

  • i am myself again,
  • i found myself,
  • i’m a better me!

Which means, the party animal in me is unleashed. Ahahahaha/// Scary – i realized that i’ve not said “no” to a party invitation since i came back lol


Even if it’s a weekday!


Steve my pig ^oo^


Our burgers – i told u i eat like a man. If i wasn’t wearing tight jeans, i would accompany my beef with some beer  XD

Bar 21, Bangsar


Gigi Leung Jackie


i finally get to meet 6th Seal again after sooo longgggg. (or at least it felt like it)


With cute Adele & pretty Tziaaa


Also bumped into the talented Niki Cheong


Sipping my Bloody Alice…


My hot cousin Nicole.




Thanks, Jackie. That’s a very long one.


Your influence damn genggg ah! ahahahahaha///

Mambo Jambo, Zouk


Oh yes baybeh~ My favourite picture of us! <3


i think i just turned ‘international‘ lol. Seems like i have more luck with westerners lately. Hmmm


Loves it! From now on Jackie & i will Mambo Jambo every Wednesday.


Tall French man (can’t remember his name fhl)


And i sure do remember this one, but I’M NOT TELLIN’ YA!!!  *evil giggles

i am gonna edit Dream World pics now. Tonight i’m partying at Zouk (again, yes).

If i do see you there, PLEASE SAY HI – – – it’s not that hard! 8)

* * *

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Blue bear high res wallpapers for FREE! These wallpapers really become eye-catchers each time i switch on my iPhone when i’m at a party. They go “what is that, what is that? so blue one!” Ahahahahha///

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  1. The feeling of being carefree,single and
    available is surely an antidote to being
    attach.So,the party animal in you is
    unleashed and on the prowl for……..

  2. multicultural is good LMFAO

    1. DERRRRR! ahahahahhaa///

  3. ishhh…i wish i could go Zouk again..
    i only went once with my friends n it no longer happen again…
    cz we’ve just ended our last semester…owh..poor me!

    anyway, enjoy :p

    1. diuuu~ go agen cannot like that! hahahaha *bad influence

  4. happy for u.. going club will put ur mind off stuff.. btw.. ur yellow top so pweety!! i like… from where?? hehe

    1. from Supre’! hehe.. got it 2 years back xD

  5. noticed that you are putting up a model-like gesture when
    u r taking photo with friends, so fake feeling

    1. ya la, u paling real lo. happy?

  6. Hey Cindy.

    I’m a consistent reader of your blog though I have never
    commented before. But I have been pretty curious lately if
    your colleague Jackie used to be a senior in my former
    school.I remember her name should be Mei Ling, I can’t
    recall her having any English names though.

    Do you know if she comes from Klang?

    1. Yup, Lim Me Ling. lol~

  7. aww you went to Zouk after that!
    && the last pic of the guai lou… damn hot hahaha!

    1. THAT’S Y! He’s from Spain lololol

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