One Big Love


The journey is long and the distance remarkably far, but it is all worth it. Just yesterday, a dear cousin of mine had a house warming party all the way into one of the wide deserted, open-space industrial areas named: Shah Alam. In a way, the house needed no warming because it seemed so warm already – infectious chatters, a grand food spread fit for a small nation, cheerful and adorable kids amusing adults with their brilliance at every corner of the house… i decidedly took a minute to stand in the middle of an awkward space; absorbing as much merriness in as i could. My life could definitely use more positive energy of this sort. It is a rare scene, because you don’t get this any other day unless it is Christmas or any other festive seasons as such.





If you ask me, we didn’t do much except for shamelessly loading our paper plates and cups with glorious food all the way from 12 to 5 p.m. Halfway through our stomachs went MENTAL and we made this beautiful mess of secret satay sauce spots on Torng’s clean new sheets (master piece created unintentionally, of course) which she’s about to find out now! i had the loveliest time bonding with my elder cousins’ baby girls; introducing them to the magic of flip screen camera where i managed to immortalize into tape YouTube their innocent smiles and laughters which now you too, can share somewhere below.








What amazes me most is how fast time passed us by. When we were girls, we often teased each other about who’s gonna get a boyfriend first (to find ourselves denying each other endlessly). When we became teenagers, we joked about who’s wedding we would first attend (still denying ourselves endlessly). Now that we are adults, i guess the question would be “who’s the first to give birth to a newborn”! The idea sounds scary but though it is perhaps still early to tell, in a way i believe the shy answer is starting to reveal itself slowly. (Hello, let’s face it – i’m the Queen of #foreveralone. What makes you think i will be the first few to experience Scenario 2 and 3?) Rants aside, i think i can confidently say that this string of love that we share amongst ourselves is one that is meant to last forever regardless what happens because as the old saying goes, “blood runs thicker than water“.









Welcome home, UK chio bu! Looking forward to spending more time with you in KL. <3


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