[AD] Real Power!


You must be wondering why am i dressed (fashionably) in relaxed pieces while performing the typical yoga pose known by every breathing soul in the world, right in front of a senQ outlet (i even removed my shoes to capture this shot in public). Well, now you are about to find out why you should TOO!


Firstly, because it’s cool (everyone was looking at me as if i was some kinda celebrity shooting a TV show, especially with my DSLR). Secondly, it is Senheng’s 23rd Anniversary and if you do not yet know, the  ‘Real Power’ contest is running right now and you can be the lucky one to win a trip to INDIA by spending RM999 and above in a single receipt!


There is also a Facebook contest where you can take a creative photo with the paper board badminton player at senQ. Share it here to be the most voted one to bring home a Galaxy Tab 2.


Not to be missed, is Samsung Plasma 51″, one of the Senheng anniversary products at an AMAZING price!


Buy, beg, borrow, or . . . ! (not gonna use that word here)


Here are the reasons why my family prefers to buy our electrical appliances from senQ; which maybe you should consider and take notice too. You can:

  • Enjoy an additional ONE- year warranty for products by signing up as a PLUS One member at only RM12 per year
  • Choose to extend extra years warranty with V-Care plan, and
  • For small appliances, there is a One to One Exchange plan with only a small fee


p.s. senQ also runs monthly promotions so make sure you’re on the lookout of these baby green stickers with the CAPS word that says “BEST in town”. Don’t miss out! 😀


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