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My most romantic Love Story begins…

one silent night in sunny June. The first man on earth I could declare ‘love’ for had just planted a gentle kiss on my lips and gave me a gift – his favorite book. Inside, there is a note and a patch of perfume that smells so sensual and pure; which name he kept a secret. Today, this person does not exist anymore. And I miss him. And every time I miss him I know I’ll have my book. I’d open the first page and take a deep breath; breathing in everything we once had – that silent night in sunny June.


CK ETERNITY AQUA, an aquatic floral fragrance for the elegant, modern and sexc woman, is currently running a contest of effortless approach to life and love just like its perfume; from 10th to 30th September 2012. There are only 2 simple steps to participate in this cool contest:

  1. Click here to submit your ‘Love Story’ (in not more than 100 words)
  2. Click the “SHARE” button* (as shown below) to increase your chances of winning!


All participants will be entitled to get a FREE sample upon their submission while stocks last, so HURRY! The most romantic love story that touched the judges hearts will win:

  • 1x Grand Prize winner – a CK Fragrances Hamper worth RM1,000
  • 10x Consolation winners – a couple bottle of CK Eternity for him EDT 50ml and CK Eternity Aqua for her EDP worth RM463 each.

fa-AQUA CK 30x40 V1

ETERNITY AQUA is inspired by the essence of femininity in all its ease. Sexy and refreshing, the fragrance is like a clean, crisp ocean breeze bursting with juicy apple, apricot pulp and rejuvenating cucumber water. Its tall, slender signature bottle with a gradient of deep blue and vibrant turquoise is all about pure confidence in a woman today, just like you and me.


The ‘love story’ you read is actually based on a true story. My story to be exact. I never figure out what the scent on the book was or where it originated from, but this one by CK definitely reminds me of him and most importantly, the person i was when he was still around. It’s amazing how a scent could remind you everything about a person, travel you back in time, or even transport you to a place where only imagination exists somewhere inside your memory. To experience a whiff of ETERNITY AQUA‘s natural sophistication yourself, click here today.

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