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i can never forget the year i sat for SPM – when i suffered from acne problems. i was worried that it would last for eternity but to my surprise, both pimples and scars vanished like magic after the examination. When the acne nightmare ended, i was quick to switch to hydration skin care products (instead of acne problems) to make sure that my skin is well balanced and to clear my pores. Now even though i get a pimple popping up only occasionally, i realized that the scars take forever to disappear. And just when i thought there is no such thing as ‘best of both worlds’, i found this:


{magic in a bottle: L’oréal Youth Code}


This pre-essence functions using PRO-GEN™ Technology; which activates a specific gene to help boost skin’s recovery power more like it did when i was younger. It also amplifies the results of my hydration regime by 5X! Not only does it (dramatically) improves skin’s quality, it leaves an ultra-penetrating fresh texture on the skin. Here i shall share with you how my recent daily skin care regime goes:


{apply toner on a perfectly cleansed face}


{press the button above the Youth Code bottle *jeng jeng jeng*}


{twist to open the silver cover *Jeng Jeng Jeng*}


{push the button to crack the code of younger looking skin! *JENG JENG JENG*}


Just with one drop, skin quality is transformed to a fresh, hydrated, and silky smooth skin. Within one week, your skin will begin to look younger and radiant with a refined and more elastic texture. Within a month, skin acts dramatically younger; just like when you were sitting for SPM but this time, without the acne!


{last but not least, never forget to apply moisturizer to lock in the moisture to work with Youth Code. it can be used with any current moisturizer you have as it boosts the results by 5X}


And that’s how you look 17 again. With the recovery power that this magical Youth Code pre-essence has, i can be rest assured that my hydration skincare regime with Youth Code will leave me with nothing else but a well hydrated, more youthful, rejuvenated and glowing smooth skin. i certainly couldn’t ask for more. 🙂

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  1. 17?? lol.. luckily im a year older than you.. 😛

  2. nice catching up with you at NAPBAS ! and you looked great!

    Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011

    1. nice catching up with you too; few days in a row! 😀

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