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i recently dyed my hair ash brown (with a streak of gold on one side) and i’ve been secretly enjoying the attention it brings me (as well as the countless compliments) ever since. At the same time however, i’m also worried that the colors might fade off faster than i expected. i’ve tried at least a 8945128370 bottles of colored-hair shampoo my entire life and they were either not effective, or too expensive for everyday use… until i chanced upon this brilliant innovation:


It is a new generation of sulfate-free hair care specially formulated for delicate hair, enriched with botanical oils (rosemary and mint) for a unique haircare experience by L’oréal. Ever Pure Color Care System formulas contains no sulfates or corrosive salts, providing gentle cleansing to maintain the integrity of the hair fiber while offering the ultimate in no-fade hair color protection.

This enriched ever pure formula comes with:

• a shampoo to intensely rehydrate the fiber and replenish the lipid layer of dry hair-colored hair
• a conditioner to restore body and volume to flat, hair-colored hair without weighing it down
• a serum to naturally relax the fiber of frizzy, hair-colored hair


{this is my hair BEFORE using L’oréal Ever Pure, and here’s how we’re gonna get gorgeous hair:}




{massage into a rich lather foam}


{rinse and towel-dry}


{apply conditioner / mask – leave to marinade for 3 – 5 minutes}


{rinse off with water (and take time to feel the difference!}}


{towel-dry hair}


{apply serum / leave-in conditioner – if and when necessary}


{air dry naturally / blow dry with medium heat}


And that’s how you get the ultimate in no-fade hair colour protection! What i love most about this range is the fact that it is enriched with botanical ingredients and does not make your hair limp or flat, but gives your tresses a boost of volume instead. Plus, i’ve been waking up every morning without having to solve the messy ‘bed hair’ scene. Even after numerous washes, my hair color remains the same with 0 damage. 😀

P.S. L’oréal Ever Pure is NOW available in leading Watsons stores.

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because you’re worth it! 😉

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  1. I love your lighter color! Even more beautiful when the lights hit.

    1. thank you! like got ‘sparks’ issit? xD

  2. LOL> really must use so much shampoo wan meh?

    1. on oily hair days, yes. haha!

  3. that tiles looks so familiar..

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