[AD] Dress Up

As you all know from my previous post, i was selected by TOPSHOP to be one of their Most Fun and Fashionable blogger. This time they are launching a range of party dresses that offer high octane fun in a Kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and styles, and i will be there at their Preview Party to share my fashion tips and tricks at the event (with you)!

IMG_7749 copy






This event is open only for Fashion Fast Forward members, but i’m inviting 5 of my blog readers (+ a friend of yours) to come party with me @ TOPSHOP KLCC this Wednesday from 7 – 10 PM! All you gotta do is leave a comment below telling me why you love TOPSHOP, and i will pick the first 5 lucky winners by tomorrow morning. Good luck! 🙂


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  1. I Love TOPSHOP bcoz : the collection was fabulously awesome. Design, color and power of mix-n-match that what i love most. TOPSHOP is splendorous fabulous.

  2. I love topshop because they have a great selection of fun and cool tops, skirts and dresses to choose from!

  3. Hey hey love your blog! 😀

    Love Topshop ’cause their clothes are so trendy and stylish. And comfy too! <3

  4. I love TOPSHOP because wearing TOPSHOP’s clothes makes me feel GREAT! 🙂

  5. I love topshop cz it makes me feel like a retro beggar on the street rofl, tats what we call fashion statement

  6. I’m writing on behalf of my sister. She loves Topshop. And since its our birthday is in 1 week time, this will be a gift to her. Oh, and we both love our dresses. Anyway we love Topshop because their pieces are so fashionable yet functional. It offers a wide variety of fun, trendy and cool outfits that are just great for today’s girls..

  7. topshop is great becos is gives me the simple yet rugged look, it just fit so well on my body …

  8. Ya Allah aku tak leh ikut!! *DoingAlex’s – Meyhhh.*

    1. when r u coming back?!

  9. Ala Cinders…… I wan to follow you!!!!!

    1. had a great evening with u yesterday! <3

  10. Thanks babe <3 i had fun <3 heeeheeee x

    1. me too! <3 see u again SOON

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