Winter Wardrobe 101



Sleeping Beauty palace. Just think of the thick white blanket of snow, me laughing madly in a snowball fight whilst building snowman in a magical ala Twilight forest and whispering trees . . . This is undoubtedly the best yet most romantic 12 days of Christmas EVER. Also undeniable is the fact that i will be freezing my ass off! To ensure that i don’t turn into a snowwoman myself, i came up with a strategy of packing for winter vacations. i call it:


{fabric stairs}

Step 1:


Get your coats ready. Try to have a variety of fur in different textures while keeping them in neutral tones. A good trusty black coat is always essential.


{from Top to Bottom: H&M yetti vest | M&G khakis double layer trench | TOPSHOP faux fur coat | TOPSHOP leather + fur oversized black coat}

Step 2:


This will be the second layer under your coat. Think wool, cashmeres and knits. The best part about this section is that you get to shop for more pieces of this layer, unlike heavy coats.


{all purchases from H&M – my favorite go-to-place for affordable yet stylish clothing}

Step 3:


Here is what you would wear on a chilly day in a tropic country. Long sleeves, denim shirt, and even if this turquoise vest (star product from UNIQLO) doesn’t count, i personally think that it is a Must-Have for all winter wardrobe. p.s. Try to get hold of one in the stores and be amused at how ultra light it is!


{ZARA lambswool blazer | UNIQLO feather light vest | ZARA glitter peplum top| Pull & Bear denim shirt}


As seen above (and i must highlight again), glitter is a MUST this festive season! Bedazzle your friends by showing a peak of sparkle at a X’mas party, or simply add some glamour over a hearty X’mas dinner table.
Step 4:


The little things count. Never take small things for granted and in this context, i mean: leggings, long johns, jeans, hats, gloves . . . you get the idea.


{Special Insert: Matching bag and skirt. Fashion lovers out there would probably know that even wearing the same print from top to toe today, is not a crime anymore}

Step 5:


Scarves, scarves, and more scarves! They are your best friends when it comes to covering parts you can’t quite do with your usual structured outfit pieces.


{Accessories: Fedora for drama | chunky bracelets | collared necklaces | favorite pair of sunnies}


I hope this memo manages to give some inspirations to those who are flying off to a 4 seasons country this holiday as well. Till then, see you next year, beloved summer friends! ♡

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