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The challenge has ended! Did anyone take up the BLISS challenge with me? If your answer is yes, i’m sure you’re feeling as great as i do now. To those who haven’t, you can feel good and look good in 14 days just like me. Take 2 small bottles (200g) of BLISS yogurt drink per day for 2 weeks, and you’ll notice how your digestive system improves! i’m not pulling your legs.


Bliss yogurt drink contains live cultures and Inulin; which is a type of fiber. There are 2 ranges – low fat and 0% fat both made from real fruit juice with no artificial coloring. My favorite flavor is strawberry! Personally for me, i take one in the morning and another in the evening. This ritual helps me flush out all the unnecessary substance from my body easily.


i’ve always felt fat whenever i wear a cropped top thus complain about it and people will tell me “If you’re fat, then what am i?” Truth is, i am not fat. i just feel fat. Whenever i have PMS, eat too much greens but drink too little water, i get bloated thus feel fat. But thanks to Bliss, now everyone can Feel good and look good in 14 days!” 😀


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  1. why didnt get a better location to shoot these blissful photos? 😛

  2. first time to your blog and your gorgeous! sexC as well 😀
    correct me if im wrong but i think i sorta saw you in msia dreamgirls episodes years ago, maybe that WAS you? haha

    1. haha! it IS me XD nice to meet you (again)!

  3. bliss is one of my fav breakfast drink!

    1. mine too! throughout the day~

  4. i would like to try 🙂 but ive never eaten yogurt (not joking) and afraid to try lol -.-

    1. y?! even tho this is an ad, but Bliss is a product i always buy. yogurt is good for the body & *****!

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