[AD] Flying Forest

Do you know that there is a forest inside KLIA?


If you don’t, next time you must visit it! If you’re not going to KLIA anytime soon, it’s okay too cuz that’s why i’m here. However, like most situations, it is always better to witness beauty with your own eyes.

Welcome, to the Jungle Boardwalk!


i was amazed to see a HUGE WATERFALL in front of my eyes! IN an airport (?) How is it possible!?


Mata pun terbeliak besor.


Resting tired eyes by looking at greens can be something very refreshing. Especially when flying, the air in planes is very dry, so cool your eyes whenever you can!


Can you see a glittering Edward Cullen coming down from that hole? lol


Enough of the greens, it is now the perfect time for ……….


Spa & Massage! 😀


Sat on one of these cosy chairs while waiting…


Here comes my favourite time in the World :


Knead me pressure points please~


After massage – rambut serabai.


Jungle, massage, what’s next :


For those who do not yet know, you can watch a movie, news, and for SPORTS fans, you have :


The sport lounge!

Who would know that there are so many fun things one could do at the airport?


i have been constantly surprised from time to time today – discovered a forest in the airport, found the best massage parlor, watched free movies and got to know new friends…

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Here is a short video i did in the Airside Transit Hotel; which i will blog about later on :

Wanna know more? You’ve gotta come back here tomorrow to get ’em!

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  1. in KLIA????
    KL International AirporT???

    that’s … strange…

  2. u inspire me alo love coming here for some fresh air/view.keep up the good work~

  3. ahh still hasn’t got a chance to go there!

  4. Jungle in the airport? I believe you 99% but still got 1% feel you are pulling my leg. ^^

  5. wow!!! very nice!!!! i’m very surprised too!!!!
    but its just so ridiculous in a way?
    i’m guessing its our money in that jungle?

  6. nice..

  7. oh, u going on a trip ka? where where?

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