[AD] Cindulge till you Fly~!

Let’s start this post with some good food!


Oh, healthy ones too~ i was having a chicken fillet wrap & hot chocolate for breakfast here.

If you’re wondering where “here” is, you may find the answer below :


Dad dropped me off at KLIA for a day filled with total cindulgence! Couldn’t care much about the rain outside, when you’re having so much fun indoors  XD

a|x always ask me, “how can you have so much fun on your own?” Honestly, i have no idea. lol


So this is me on a KLIA Ramadan stage saying “Maaf Zahir Batin” with my obvious body language.

Speaking of Hari Raya, there are super hyper mega SALES everywhere at the airport! Including food :


Berbuka with your family @ Eden where they serve halal dim sum! Only RM48 per pax.


i was alone, so i didn’t go in. tho i must say, it was super tempting.

For those who wants something quick and easy, there’s also :


Sir Ronald Mc Donald, &


Colonel Harland Sanders! ha ha..


Now it’s time for shopping and celebrate Hari Raya SALES!!!


Somehow, the pewter shop was the first to catch my attention.


Bought sooooo many stuff from Body Shop alone, but still super cheap! 😀


Got magazines and books on how to learn Spanish from this bookstore.


Yay to cheap books with expensive values!

Took the train to the KLIA Satellite Building for more shopping…


i hope you like my artistic picture of the tunnel / railway ^^


*toOt tOot*


Checked into a hotel (to be revealed later)!


Had a fantastic lunch at Nooodles @ the noodle bar where the view was superb :


Loves it! 8)

Most travelers’ perception about the airport is that it is just a place to catch the plane. That’s true, but the perception is not! Why?


Because the airport is The Place where you can eat AND buy retail items cheaper than from shopping malls! It is Duty Free, and not to mention the Ramadan SALES that’s going on now.


Spent a hundred bucks on chocolates alone but super worth it cuz i ‘calculated’ :

#1. They are the kinds you can’t get from normal hypermarkets.

#2. Even if you can, it’s gonna cost you a dress!

More shopping on MUST BUY stuff  such as :


Need me say more? Of course you buy the perfumes and makeup stuff  here – it’s DUTY FREE.


The High Fashion Wings where Mont Blanc and Hermes look oh-so-grand  ♥


Diamonds are girls’ best friends! i wonder who proposed in this airport before. lol~ Maybe an impulse buyer like me.


My shopping spree spread.

OK, time to share with you the hotel i stayed in.


It is called the Airside Transit Hotel. Cosy, ain’t it? i’m one lucky, lucky girl~


Now you can sleep in comfort during transits. Just make sure you don’t miss your flight! XD


Each time i walk back to my hotel room, i see many people who take up to 5 seats and make ’em into a sleeping bench. Apparently, many do not know about the existence of Airside Transit Hotel. But now you do~!


To those who are not a fan of sleeping, you can grab a drink at the bars. This is me all changed outta my ‘suit’ to a romantic lacy dress. Too bad i didn’t have a date -_-

So people, this is what “Indulge Till You Fly” means. Instead of rushing to the airport at odd hours and waiting forever for the plane to come, come to the airport (a day) earlier! There are so many things you can do and i’m sure you’ve never tried most of ’em.

More updates tomorrow! ♥

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  1. woman gone siao d with shopping @.@

  2. I never know there is so much fun to be had at the airport. At least not KLIA. hehe!! Thank you for sharing, I will most certainly follow in your hallowed footsteps. hehehe!!!!!!!

    1. sure! if u happen to catch a flight, go there earlier & indulge! 😀

  3. how much does it cost for ur hotel stay?

    1. mine’s sponsored.. lol.

  4. time for a new falsie! 😀

  5. >So this is me on a KLIA Ramadan stage saying
    “Maaf Zahir Batin” with my obvious body language.

    ^^How was your body language “obvious” in reference
    to Hari Raya and/or Maaf Zahir & Batin? Looked more
    obviously Thai to me.

    1. that’s y the word obvious has ” ” :p

      1. but ur face so cute and beautiful with your hair tied up, why ‘toot toot’ train pulak? 😮

      2. dunno; now u make me confuse lol~

  6. Cosmetics and watches are tax free in Msia so don’t bother
    getting them from the duty free shops in the airport. Will
    save u lots of shopping weight 🙂

    1. eh, but the cosmetics i bought were cheaper leh

  7. Nooodles serves the worst noodle in Malaysia, even the airport staffs complained of how horrible it tasted and most of the patrons sadly did not finish their noodles

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