[AD] A Love like Apple & Salt


i probably look like just another girl to you, but i’m the apple of his eyes.. my daddy’s eyes.


Apparently as a baby, i was almost impossible especially when it comes to my crying. It came to a point when nobody took my (precious) tears seriously anymore but my hero and saviour, daddy. My mum and relatives used to always remind me how i was showered with love and attention as daddy’s first child. But as time changed and i grew up, i also reared a pet named Gap; which naturally grew between us as well. 🙁

i wish i could remember those precious moments of us (as baby and daddy), instead of having to use bits of stories my family members provided and use them as memory aid. The bad news: it is impossible to recover a faded memory from a baby’s brain. The good news: as adults we are capable of creating new memories, and that’s what i did at the OREO Father’s Day event :


This is good ol’ daddy with the biggest OREO ever :


First of all, we started the event with an OREO milkshake shot :



There was a meet & greet session on-stage with Aaron Aziz :



Then daddy decided to buy some OREOS! lol



With the receipt you can play DADDY DUNK :



Get your picture taken and framed :


Get 1 OREO cup with every purchase of 2 OREO packets :


And get a World’s Awesomest Dad T-shirt with a purchase of 4 OREO packets; which daddy loved!!! 8)




In the end we picked a white one and got it customized at this booth :


Even though daddy is always so busy (and especially now with running Mek T), he always has time for me. i went to the restaurant to visit them 2 days ago, and i couldn’t even recognized my dad anymore from the back! He lost so. much. weight. 🙁


i love you dad, as much as i love salt in my food. Or perhaps, cream in my OREO in this case. 😉

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  1. I also wan my daddy!!!! >_<

  2. you dad looks young! 😀

    1. but getting older by day T.T

  3. When I read the beginning of the entry, OMG, I cried… I’m facing so many issues within the family and my dad’s tears woke me up. Over 20++ years of being his daughter, I finally came to understand there’s no exact word to describe what kinda life our daddies went through to bring us up.

    You’ve put all my thoughts into words once again, Cindy! We are their precious-es but at the same time, they are our gems!

    1. ): didn’t know my entry is so ‘powderful’~ i feel sad just looking at my dad & how he has aged… sigh, big love to daddy!

  4. i also HATE thinking of the fact that 1 day, our dads wont be here anymore. who is gonna kill cockroaches for me, take care of me, diagnose me when i think im gonna die (my dad’s a specialist doctor and i am very melodramatic wan, small thing also think gonna die) and be there for me whenver anything goes wrong…..i wish they didnt have to age…i wish when i was younger i was a better daughter =(

    1. it’s not too late i hope.. i always say the same thing but when he worries too much i very “fan” T.T but i really do love my dad!! haih

  5. OMG My bros are in the pics.. didn’t know they worked for that event… amazing
    my bros = the two guys(twins) at the oreo booth

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