The least i could do on a gloomy day is pull together a bright ensemble to make me feel a lil’ sunny. Here i’m wearing a body-hugging bright blue bare-back dress i bought a couple of months ago (but loved too much to wear when there’s no occasion), match with a striking yellow cashmere scarf for a casual touch of decency. i also cast a few small dashes of brown to balance out the contrast, and add some warmth into this very vibrant outfit.







{ extremely old pair of brown flats i threw away later }




Dress & Scarf by ZARA


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  1. bridge at midvalley city! 🙂

  2. Ahh!! You missed out on telling where you got that gorgeous orange ring from! Cindy, could you please help satisfy my craving ? 🙂

    1. hi Amy, i got it from Forever 21 some time ago. i’m surprise u noticed it! hehe 😀

  3. where is the big reading glasses?!

    1. need to borrow from @KimberlyCun!!! LOL

  4. love your dress cindy~ where did you get it from..? Hehe.. (:

  5. Love the dress too !!!! <3 And the bare-back is just oh-so-delightful !!!! xD
    But why Nobita????? @.@

    1. cuz Nobita wears blue & yellow remember?! hahahaha

  6. hey, didn’t you use to be on xanga?! i remember commenting on your posts way back then (i was a xangan too!) lol 😀 😀 fancy finding you again after all this time. it’s nice to see you’ve catapulted to blog-fame 😉 nice blue dress btw.

    1. hey, i remember creating a xanga account, but not sure about updating there tho. however, it’s nice to re-meet u here again! <3

  7. very very nice outfit.

    1. thanks! glad u like it 😀

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