Asians at Work


Lately i’ve been hit by iron. Sorry, i mean, irony. i might have been hit by iron too, you never know. (The guy next to me might be made of iron, you never know that too.) So recently, the ultimate #1 question i received was:

You were in Jinnyboy TV video ah?

i erased my confused look at them and say:


Back to Iron Man (which i would very much prefer) or alright – the theme, irony, is when people already watched and understood the meaning of ABUDEN, but still ask you (who ‘models’ the ABUDEN t-shirt) an ABUDEN question! i love this whole ABUDEN notion. Even i can’t help asking Jin ABUDEN stuff during an ABUDEN shoot. :mrgreen:

Me: So, i wear this T-shirt?

Jin: O_O| |

Me: (to myself) Oh god! Why did i even ask that question?!


To those of you ABUDEN fans, now you can get your ABUDEN T’s available in many vibrant, happy colors!

If you think Iron Man has powers, let me tell you that this T has it too. i.e. If somebody asks you an ABUDEN question when you’re in a bad mood / if your mouth is full of food / if you have sore throat, just look down at your chest and you’ll notice that this T-shirt has the power to shut people up. #WTF #LOL #LML #FTL #OMG #LMAO . . .

Speaking of #hashtags and Instagram, Jinnyboy TV has another new video uploaded as recent as yesternight named Asians at Work.


i had the most fun time shooting! Below are some pictures i uploaded on Instagram. It is an account i created early this year because for the longest time i was being a loyal girlfriend to my Iron Phone aka the Blackberry Torch; which is best described by “Thlow at the dog ah, dog oso will dai!“. Hence i couldn’t wait for the B(lag)berry to spoil and proceeded to queue like a true ‘Only in Malaysia’ citizen for an iPhone 5 the moment i found out it’s released.

So if you’re not following me on Instagram yet, you’re most welcome to support this newbie! Simply search my name Tey Cindy. i can’t find reasons for you to, but i’m sure if i could, they would be ABUDEN reasons, yes? As a start, below are some Instagram shots from last weekend’s #asiansatwork shoot with me playing the role as a ‘CNN reporter’:



Watch the video below to find out why my mouth was as round as the circle my mouth was in. 😆

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Don’t worry. That won’t be what you’re subscribing for. 😛


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