Dream Guy

Pardon me for fantasizing out loud what my dream man would be made of. It’s just that i’ve been on a date marathon for the past 1 very interesting year (what do you expect a young single lady to do, huh?) – movie dates, dinner dates, sweet dates, dry dates…


The more i date, the more i get to learn about men. The more i learn about men, somehow the pickier i become. The pickier i become, the more i know what i want in a man. Most of them (i would say 90%) only manage to reach what i call the ‘trial date’ (Trial Date: 1 dinner, 1 movie, next chapter please). The other 10%, thank God, remain as my closest friends today. And i love them both fortunately and unfortunately, without the romance.

But really, i’m not picky. i just know what i want. And one thing for sure, that can’t be a bad thing.

So allow me to excessively obsess and lust over my dream guy now (yes, you are most welcome to have a piece of him if we so happen to share the same taste), invented based on the detailed, selected qualities from men across the globe. i’m building him with words, painting him with love, and bringing him to life with your imagination.

So girls, shall we start with:


For illustration purposes only.

Here’s my closest-to-realistic Best Case Scenario (because i can never date a superstar).


In the Nutshell:

  • Spanish heritage born American
  • In his mid-30’s. i mean this very seriously.
  • Born under an earth / water sign.
  • A man Champion. Kick away the boy. Forget the guy.
  • Trilingual (or a polyglot).


  • Handsome, but not perfect.
  • Owns a stomach, not a belly.
  • Hair. Lots of it. On the HEAD.
  • Not black, nor blonde, but brunette.
  • Neither blue, nor green, but brown eyes.
  • Has a cute ass – even a gay man would look at.
  • Tall(er) – than me even after i wear 5 inch heels (i have a long torso, thank you).


  • Fútbol, not football.
  • Reading – books. Not car magazines. Or soft porn.
  • Watching – everything. Not just action films. Or porn.
  • Eating – spicy food (and goes up to Level 10 with me).
  • to Gym moderately, not excessively.


  • Genetically healthy (i.e. not color blind).
  • Looks good when dancing, not like an idiot.
  • Down-to-Earth. Patient. Domestic.
  • Supportive. Motivating. Inspiring.
  • Giving (i repeat: Giving). Because i’m a giver (to no end).


  • Believes in equal rights.
  • In love with his family (but not a mummy’s boy).
  • Against smoking.
  • AGAINST prostitution.


i’m having so much fun doing this! 😳 (i’m not saying my future husband must have all-the-above.)


This list is written with NO OFFENSE. This list is in no way to imply that i see myself as absolutely flawless therefore i can highly demand, but to hint that every woman should acknowledge her rights to find out what she wants in a man before actually getting committed. Love comes and blinds you all the time, but it is crucial to stop (at some point of a relationship, or even along the way) and question – Is this what i want to live with for the rest of my life? If not, i’d kindly advise you to stop wishing he would change or that you can bear with him forever, because c’mmon – we all know how that ends.

Ideally, the key rule during this process of observing and searching is not to hurt anyone. However, let’s also be realistic – a person’s heart is not something you can control. But as long as you get to know somebody with a sincere heart and only mean well, i believe karma will understand. A happy and healthy relationship is an achievable goal provided the lady is focused, and i hate to say this but that responsibility weighs heavier on our side because God created us with ONE head, them two. Always remember: No one is responsible for your own happiness, but yourself. A love story plot differs for everybody but from what i learned: Take the time to know somebody for as long as you wish, never jump into a relationship, and leave when you know you should.

i believe only a complete woman will attract the perfect man. In my dictionary, there is only a 90% capacity where a woman can complete herself, whereas the rest is left to be said to her partner: baby, you complete me. No man is perfect, but when you meet the right one with your ‘complete’ self, he will be the most ‘perfect’ man – for you. Therefore, in my quest of completing the remaining download of 50/90, what i really want to do now, is this and only this:



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