5 Things

Here is a mixture of 5 sweet and vintage things that made my week.

1. Chance by Chanel inspired candy nails


{because i have them specially painted yesterday for Kim & Gareth’s “Retro Technicolor Frenzy” themed wedding}

2. This glass mural for fall / winter


{because though we don’t have snow, these cute white dots building up to something can at least make up for it}

3. The new Mademoiselle parfum sitting graciously at my scent bar


{simply because wearing it makes me feel like a (fabulous) lady}

4. These stacks of baskets and books


{because such shelves prepare spaces for great storage with a dash of modern vintage}

5. This classic red rose


{because not only is it just a rose – someone accidentally hurt his fingers trying to remove its thorns before gently handling the beauty to me; which makes it ever more meaningful}


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