My Second Hedgehog

I got Carpet a friend!!! It is another hedgehog! 😀


They say loneliness grows as you become older, and I sure do know how that feels; so I thought – Why not get Carpet a friend so she doesn’t feel so lonely?


Carpet the hedgehog is very kelian. Recently, we both lost somebody who used to care for her.  ))=


I got my second hedgehog for FREE! You can have an extra one for free too; provided you already have one. Tricky? ahaha~


Just place a piece of mirror in front of her…..


….. and let her syiok sendiri =.=||


After a while she will feel sleepy.


Ain’t sleeping better than feeling lonely? Right now I just wanna be Juliet.

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  1. soon you’re gonna give carpet some makeup materials too? 😛

    1. if she could understand… why not?! XD

  2. lerr .. i thought another real hedgehog .. zha dou

    1. kena tipo!!!! hahahahha

  3. walau damn cute la wei… 😀

  4. AHAHHAAHAHA FYL! a mirror pulak /faint

  5. haha..I tot you really get her another hedgehog too !
    But I think her “house” is abit too small , she got no activity space I thhink .
    I gave mine sleep in the felton toyogo box of size 40+ X 20+ sumthing one.
    So she can run and exercise abit. If not then she will be too fat and boring ^^

    1. fat n boring… is what mine has bcome i think =.=”

  6. woow …. u got her a mate. Very soon, u be a mummy soon ….LOL

  7. evil, pure evil.

  8. iyohhh….kesian carpet. Master bully the pet…

    1. where got bully!!! ):

  9. Such a good mistress to get your hedgehog a beau.
    Next time get her a few more so that he can have a harem.

  10. Looks like some of the reader didnt read the full post before comment O.o
    You will found your Romeo

    1. THAT’S Y! Simply comment only lol~ =.=

  11. I agree with Comment #7 Raymond, evil, but that leads me to wonder, is that why girls always sit infront of their mirror (make up corner/table), and always bring a small mirror out, and no wonder I see so many girls must take photo in the toilet, because of the mirror.

    Sodeska, wakarimashita desuyo.

    1. hahaha… mayyybe~ xD

  12. put a few more mirrors so that she can have more friends la. 🙂 LOL

  13. haha.. later carpet keep banging on the mirror, it cracks and hurt carpet.. then you no more pet tim..

    oops.. i mean no harm!.. peace! =P

    1. CHOYYY! it won’t bang one; it sniffs on it only xD

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