Five Cinspirations

This weekend’s selections of 5 Cinspirations are really one of the best installations yet. Read on to find out, and make sure to steal some ideas for your home too, or to dress up a vintage deco you already owned.

1. This tree of life grown from a book


{a D.I.Y. inspiration I’m dying to steal}

2. This vintage composition


{especially when this antic dial phone reminds me so much of grandma’s, which I used to play as a child}

3. This Turkish meal


{simply because it was served on bright carpeted tables}

4. This cat trying to take a siesta


{because of that epic annoyed look on its face as I squealed upon discovering its secret camouflage plan}

5. This naked statue


{because I can’t tell if she was a goddess or a prostitute, but either way having that gold chain dangling around seems like a good idea}


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