5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that brightened up my Christmas week with sparkle and style.

1. These fairy lights wrapped in rattan cases


{for casting shadows resembling birds’ nests, and magic upon my bed}

2. This Christmas gift combo from my aunts


{because there’s always something nice about unwrapping gifts after Christmas, reminding you there are 12 festive days, not 1}

3. These Lonely Planet books that flew in to my office


{because it was my first time using Amazon – and I’ve always loved the idea of receiving parcels from afar since I was a little}

4. This pair of tailored boyfriend jeans from Spain


{because it was ‘grandpa jeans’ before alteration, and now it’s back from the tailor’s as new!}

5. My new second home office set-up


{because it’s a conducive space I actually love working in, as it promises more productivity}


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